Essential Oils “Between the Sheets”

Oh hay friends! Even though Valentine’s Day is behind us, I thought we could still have some February fun learning how you can use essential oils “between the sheets”… if you know what I mean 😉 If you decide to enroll in Essential Rewards this month, through me, I will personally send you a copy of the book Lucy Libido from Amazon and an essential oil perfume of Joy and Myrrh!

For full disclosure: I have not personally tried any of these tips and tricks yet! Because, ya know… kids! 🙂  TMI?! 



  • I cannot treat, diagnose or cure you, and the information you will read here is for educational purposes only. I am here to help you learn what essential oils are and how you can incorporate them into your life.
  • All information comes directly from the book Lucy Libido by Lucy Libido. I highly encourage everyone to read ALL of this book. After much careful research and study, it is the opinion of the author and contributors that Young Living is the only brand of essential oils they can recommend because of their Seed-to-Seal guarantee and Vitality line of oils (GRAS – generally regarded as safe for ingestion).
  • Any time you are using an oil for the first time, you should dilute it in half in carrier oil, and apply it to the forearm, which is a safe way to assess the reaction of your skin with a particular oil. Never use hot oils (like Peppermint) neat (undiluted) on sensitive membranes. “Will not be held responsible if you…break out in a rash after putting cheap oils with hidden alcohol solvents near your lady bits.” (p.16) Furthermore, when using any essential oil for the first time, first use the new oil topically before you use it internally. Then when using that oil internally for the first time, dilute the essential oil in olive oil. “Will not be held responsible if you get sick from ingesting synthetic oils…” (p.16) Seriously, don’t try this with Target dollar bin oils!
  • As always, before you embark on an essential oil journey, consult with your healthcare provider. Remember that you are responsible for your family’s health. This class includes holistic alternative ideas, not medical treatment.

Alright, now that that is out of the way, lets have some FUN!

There are three main ways you can use essential oils in the bedroom:

  1. AROMATIC – Diffusing aphrodisiac essential oils can have a profound effect on your mood because they impact your limbic part of the brain, which controls your feelings and emotions. We’ll get into specific aphrodisiac essential oils in a little bit, but diffusing them sends signals to the brain to relax, enjoy, and get “in the mood”.
  2. TOPICAL – Apply to Vitaflex points! The point for female reproduction is the outer right ankle. The point for male reproduction is the outer left ankle. The point for the brain is the thumb of the hand and big toe of the foot. More common places to apply topically are the chest, behind the neck, the forehead, behind the ears, on the wrists, or two inches below the navel. For oils to stimulate erogenous zones, apply the oils on the inner thighs from the mid-thigh all the way up to the panty crease.
  3. INTERNAL – We’ll get into specific Vitality line essential oils GRAS to ingest via a capsule as an alternative to the little blue hexagon pill your man may already be swallowing.

Hormone Balancing Oils


THE hormone balancing oil that is supposed to help everything from libido to PMS to menstrual migraines. It is not just an essential oil, but a natural progesterone supplement with essential oils and wild yam extract. (Google it!) Apply Progessence Plus to forearms and the back of neck.

* The Lucy Libido book contains an FAQ with Dr. Purser in the Appendix that addresses all safety concerns about using Progessence Plus. I highly recommend you read it in its entirety and consult your OB/GYN. 


Contains oils known to decrease negative emotions, boost confidence, and feel more peaceful and grounded. Geranium for hormonal balance; Clary Sage for cramps, PMS, and agitation; Ylang Ylang to balance male-female sexual energy and encourage feelings of sensuality; Sage Lavender to support body’s estradiol levels for the ovaries and uterus for reproductive purposes.

Its also been reported that women love this oil, especially between the ages of 40 and 50 for its support in the body’s natural transition through menopause.


A hormone balancing oil that was formulated just for “that time of the month”. Ya know, when you’re acting like a dragon! It’s blend of oils helps to ease cramped muscles, improve mood, calm the mind, and balance hormones.

Personally, I use the Dragon Time Bath and Shower Gel and love it! I’m also relieved to know that I can have this oil in my arsenal for when my girls are in their teens many years from now!


An estradiol supporting blend that loves on the reproductive system. Low estradiol levels are commonplace amongst women with irregularity or reproductive complaints. While reproductive health is multifaceted and has many components, supporting healthy estradiol levels plays an important part.


An endocrine supporting blend. The endocrine system is responsible for telling your body what hormones to produce and when to produce them. Endoflex supports overall endocrine health, which can be beneficial for the thyroid, metabolism, energy, and the libido. Use topically over the thyroid, kidney, or liver.

Oils for Her Libido


One of my favorite essential oils outside of the starter kit for its fragrance! Ylang Ylang is a flower that grows in Equador whose petals are picked early in the morning to maximize oil yield. In Indonesia, the petals of Ylang Ylang are scattered over the bed of newlywed couples on their wedding night. The oil increases feeling of happiness, adoration, and it calms the mind. Ylang Ylang is known to harmonize and balance male-female energies and it increases libido in both men and women. Diffuse or apply topically on the inner thighs.


A fantastic support to the circulatory system. Stimulates blood flow and circulation in the body. Apply it on your and his inner thighs. Since Cypress is magical for circulation, it also supports varicose and spider veins making the veins appear smaller, lighter, and less noticeable AND it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving blood flow.


During menstruation, your estrogen levels drop quickly and drastically. Clary Sage is used for hormonal support during PMS and your period. Personally, I apply Clary Sage to my wrists during that time of the month and I find that I’m nicer to my kids as I’m working my way through my cycle. Hate to admit that, but I’m sure other mamas can relate! As we age, our overall estrogen levels drop as well. One sign of low estrogen is “dryness” down there. Applying Clary Sage to the inner thighs or below the navel is said to help.

On the flip side, our estrogen levels are highest when we are ovulating. During this time, we feel most “in the mood”. We are designed to feel that way when we are fertile – its how our bodies were made. Crazy right?! Using Clary Sage daily can increase your natural levels of estrogen, making you feel more “in the mood”. Apply to your forearms, writs, outer right ankle (Vitaflex point), on the back of the neck, or below the navel.


Another one of my favorite essential oils outside of the starter kit for how it makes me feel – happy! Joy stimulates the brain’s sense for love and affection. Diffusing it sets the mood, and you can also apply it topically by putting a drop between your cleavage, inner thighs, or lower abdomen. Personally, I wear Joy as a perfume!


Sensation can help release blocks to being intimate and loved. Diffuse it to set the tone, or apply it topically on the inner thighs, edge of ears, back of neck, or cleavage crease. According to Lucy Libido, you can also dilute Sensation with coconut oil over your “love button”. Oh boy!

Oils for His Libido


Let’s get to the point – this is nature’s version of that little blue hexagon pill your man may be taking already. It helps him stay firmer longer, therefore, making intimacy last longer.

First, he should dilute and apply to his forearm. If he has no reaction, then go ahead and apply to his inner thighs and lower shaft. * Never apply oils on the “eye”! Oils don’t go in eyes – even snake eyes! 😉 According to Lucy Libido, you can also have him take a capsule with 4-5 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce 30 minutes before go-time.


Well, the name says it all! Goldenrod improves circulation and increases firmness. He can apply topically, or Lucy Libido says, he can take 3 drops in a capsule with olive oil. 😉


An energizing oil that increases circulation by ramping healthy vasodilation. Vaso = blood vessel; Dilation = makes bigger. I’ll let you put two and two together and do the math 😉

Nutmeg is so stimulating that it can have negative effects when used in excessive amounts. So, don’t go crazy, okay? DILUTE! First, he should dilute and apply to his forearm. If he has no reaction, then go ahead and apply to his inner thigh. IF needed, work up from there. When ingesting, Lucy Libido recommends starting with 1-2 drops in a capsule with olive oil.


Mister was formulated to balance male energy and support healthy prostate function. If your man’s libido gas tank is running low, try this. You can apply Mister to his ankles and to the front and back of the pelvis. Apply daily for optimal prostate performance. The scent is quite nice, so he can even roll it on as cologne.


Shutran is formulated for men to wear to help turn ladies on. It’s more than just a cologne. The pheromones (airborne chemical messengers) in this blend have a physical and emotional effect on the opposite gender triggering and stimulating the emotional part of the brain we talked about earlier. It also boosts his testosterone and confidence. Kinda National Geographic, right?! Your man can dilute for sensitive skin and apply on the forearms, behind ears, inner thighs, and to the shaft.

Did reading all of this information make you blush? I know I was when I was researching and collecting information! If you’re interested in mood enhancing diffuser blends, natural lubes for him and her, inner thigh potions, and more; the Lucy Libido book has a ton of recipes in the back!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Happy oiling!



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