How to DIY with Essential Oils – Part 4: Skin Care

Happy Sunday! As some of you may know, it was my 34th birthday yesterday. With every year that I get older, I tell myself that I will start to take my skin care seriously. Year after year, however, I always seem to fail! Whether it’s falling out of routine or unknowingly applying products to my skin that are actually very toxic.

Well, this is the year I’m finally going to change all of that! I’m ditching all the junk I was using for the Orange Blossom Facial Wash (when it comes back in stock. For now, I’ll use the Charcoal Bar Soap), DIY Geranium Toner, DIY Glow Serum, Wolfberry Eyecream and Orange Blossom Moisturizer!

Below are recipes for how you can make your own toner and serum with essential oils!

DIY Geranium Toner

In a 2 oz mister bottle add 20 drops of Young Living Geranium Essential Oil (I scored this for FREE on Essential Rewards over the summer!) and fill the rest with Thayer’s Aloe Vera Witch Hazel!

DIY Glow Serum

In a 1 oz eye dropper bottle add 10 drops EACH of Young Living Copaiba, Frankincense, and Lavender Essential Oils (all are Starter Kit oils!) and fill the rest with carrier oil. I’m using Argan Oil for normal aging skin, but I know Jojoba is a popular one!

Below is a guide to carrier oils:

DIY Body Wash

In an empty Young Living product bottle** with the label removed (i.e. KidScents Body Wash) add 15+ drops of Young Living essential oil, 2/3 cup of Dr. Bronners unscented Pure Castile Soap, 2 tsp. carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil), and fill with warm water.

** All Young Living product bottles are made with medical grade plastic, able to withstand the strongest properties of essential oils (other plastics can be broken down over time).

Basically, when essential oil comes into contact with plastic, it chemically reacts to it as a threat, going on the attack + eating through it over time.

Wild, right?!

I hope this is helpful! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!



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